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Product name: CARFENTANIL
Formula: C24H30N2O3
Molar mass: 394.515 g/mol
Boiling point: 187 °C (369 °F)
ChemSpider ID: 55986
Elimination half-life: 2 – 4 hours
PubChem CID: 20111961

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Buy CARFENTANIL is a synthetic opioid approximately 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl.


Buy CARFENTANIL is a member of the phenylpiperidine class of synthetic opioids. Its structure features a piperidine ring bound at its nitrogen constituent RN to a phenyl ring through an ethyl chain. The opposite carbon of the piperidine ring is bonded to the nitrogen member of a propanamide group, a three carbon chain with a nitrogen constituent adjacent to a carbon bonded to a ketone oxygen. This propanamide group is also substituted with an additional phenyl ring at RN.


The recreational effects of CARFENTANIL occur because opioids structurally mimic endogenous endorphins which are naturally found within the body and also work upon the μ-opioid receptor set. The way in which opioids structurally mimic these natural endorphins results in their euphoria, pain relief and anxiolytic effects. This is because endorphins are responsible for reducing pain, causing sleepiness, and feelings of pleasure. They can be released in response to pain, strenuous exercise, orgasm, or general excitement.

CARFENTANIL is strong potency compared to that of morphine is mainly due to its high lipophilicity (the ability of a chemical compound to dissolve in fats, oils, and lipids). Because of this, it can more easily penetrate the central nervous system in comparison to other opioids.We have 4-fluorococaine in stock.

Side effects CARFENTANIL

  • Sedation – Buy CARFENTANIL can be described as much more sedating then other opiates. Even at moderate dosages, fentanyl can result in overwhelming feelings of sedation and tiredness that is considerably more sedating than that of heroin and oxycodone.
  • Pain relief – In comparison to other opiates, fentanyl can be described as a strong analgesic, providing relief even at non-recreational doses.
  • Physical euphoria – CARFENTANILcan be considered as less intense in its physical euphoria when compared with that of morphine or diacetylmorphine (heroin). The sensation itself can be described as strong feelings of intense physical comfort, warmth and bliss which spread throughout the body.
  • Itchiness – Unlike other opioids, fentanyl presents very little itch response due to little to no amounts of released histamines.
  • Respiratory depression – In comparison to other opiates, fentanyl displays this effect at lower doses relative to euphoria then other opiates, and even at low doses results in the sensation that the breath is slowed down mildly to moderately, but does not cause noticeable impairment. At high doses and overdoses, opioid-induced respiratory depression can result in a shortness of breath, abnormal breathing patterns, semi-consciousness, or unconsciousness. Severe overdoses can result in a coma or death without immediate medical attention.



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